Board of Trustees
  • Barbara Reichenthal, LCSW, President
  • Ruby Benjamin, Ed.D.
  • Carmen Bracero, LCSW
  • Grace Brandt, LCSW
  • Marlin Brenner, Ph.D.
  • Anne Marie Kennedy, LCSW
  • Elliot Kronish, Ph.D.
  • Joyce A. Lerner, LCSW
  • Carol Mazor, LCSW
  • Beth Rabinove, LCSW
  • Cyrus Poliakoff, LMSW, Candidates Rep.
  • Rosemarie Verderame, LMSW
  • Gene Yellin, LCSW, Immediate Past

Training Committee
  • Louise Crandall, Ph.D., LCSW
  • Edward Eisenberg, LCSW
  • Loretta Hayes, LCSW
  • Asher Kahn,Ph.D.
  • Joyce A. Lerner, LCSW
  • Beth Rabinove, LCSW
  • Barbara Reichenthal,LCSW
  • Karen Trokan, LCSW
  • Carolyn Ellman, Ph.D., Consultant
  • Ellen Hirsh, LCSW, Consultant
  • Elizabeth Kramer, LCSW, Consultant
  • Elliot Kronish, Ph.D., Consultant
  • Barbara Stimmel, Ph.D., Consultant
  • Gene Yellin, LCSW, Consultant
Educational Development Committee
  • Carol Mazor, LCSW, Co-Chair
  • Barbara Reichenthal, LCSW, Co-Chair
  • Ruby Benjamin, Ed.D.
  • Carmen Bracero, LCSW
  • Gene Yellin, LCSW

  • Director, MITPP
    Joyce A. Lerner, LCSW
  • Executive Director
    Andrew Pardo, LCSW
  • Senior Consultant
    Karen Trokan, LCSW
  • Registrar
    Ivy Vale, BFA
Program Committee
  • Gino Benza, LCSW
  • Carmen Bracero, LCSW
  • Shoshanna Liben, LMSW
  • Rosemarie Verderame, LMSW.
  • Joyce A. Lerner, LCSW
  • Barbara Reichenthal, LCSW
  • Ivy Vale, BFA
Board of the Metropolitan Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists
  • Barbara Reichenthal, LCSW, Co-President
  • Thomas McCoy, LCSW, Co-President
  • Carol Lachman, LCSW, Recording Secretary
  • Christina Garidis, LCSW Corresponding Secretary, Ethics Chair
  • Louise Buck, Ed.D., Wachstock Clinical Series Chair
  • Patricia Grandison, LCSW, Treasurer
  • Carmen Bracero, LCSW, Member-at-Large
  • Pearl Greenberger, Ph.D., LCSW, Member-at-Large
  • Allison Baker, LCSW, Membership Committee
  • Allison Hickman, LCSW, Membership Committee
  • Charlene Humber, LMSW, Membership Committee
  • Samara Kaufmann, LMSW, Membership Committtee
  • Cyrus St. Amand Poliakoff, LMSW, Candidates Representative
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  • Webmaster: Gene Yellin
Painting-"Anguish in the Key of G/The Exquisite Passion of Life Everlasting"