Personal psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis is required during training and is the medium for attaining a deeper and more personal understanding of the theoretical and clinical issues under study.

Therapy/analysis must be at a minimum of twice a week. If a candidate is in treatment at the time of application, approval of the therapist/analyst as a training therapist/analyst must be obtained from the Director. A therapist/analyst who is a graduate of a chartered training institute with a psychoanalytic orientation and has proven experience in psychoanalytic practice would, in general, meet the criteria for approval. Fees for personal psychotherapy/psychoanalysis are arranged privately between candidate and psychotherapist/psychoanalyst. Candidates not in treatment at the time of application may request to be referred to a therapist/analyst. The Director will make every effort to assist the candidate in locating a well-qualified therapist/analyst whose fees are affordable.